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I would just like to thank you for delivering your fabulous training today. Never have I felt so inspired, motivated and emotionally moved by training. I nearly cancelled as thought it might be like the usual preaching "do this not this" and making me feel inadequate and useless. Instead I am more passionate about trying to do the right thing with the children I look after and also feel as though the ‘job’ I have done for 28+ years has been worth it and that I am a good person trying my best. Having acknowledgement of how sometimes hard it is to foster is reward enough.

Debbie Burrell

Foster Carer
Highly recommend

I just wanted to email and say how meaningful and impactful Scott's training was today.   A lot of his story is the story of several young people I have looked after. To get the perspective from someone who has been through this experience himself is second to none. You feel you can truly get into the headspace of young people and realise the behaviours you can see are not what's going on inside.   To change a common saying, thank you for reminding me that what you see is not necessarily what you need to get

Maggie Coopey

Foster Carer

You made such an impact on the staff and foster parents - one of the best courses we all attended at By the Bridge. So real, so honest and so heart-breaking. Your life experiences moved us all and taught us to truly listen to the child and advocate for them, not just follow a set of rules and expectations. Wishing you every success. Thank you for sharing your journey to make a difference to other children in care ❤️

Hayley Haughton

Development Manager
Highly recommend

Highly recommended training for both staff and foster carers. We have worked with Section 31 for a number of years and feedback has been consistently excellent from all who attend. A genuine, straight talking bloke who engages everyone from the offset and remains with them long after the course has ended.

Clare Davies

Training & Support Services Manager - TLC Wales Fostering

We have been using Section 31 for a number of years now to deliver our more specialised courses and Scott is always flexible and accommodating in fitting in with our schedule. The feedback we receive from our foster carers and staff is ALWAYS excellent hence why we hope to continue using them in the future.


Compass Children's Services

Scott has contributed to our face to face training programme for a number of years and since the pandemic we have been able to offer his new on-line training portfolio to our foster carers and staff.  The take up for places has been tremendous. Scott's training courses always receive excellent feedback. He is a powerful orator and gives his audience a unique insight into the emotional inner-world of children growing up in care. The quality of his training is excellent and I would highly recommend it to foster carers and social care staff who work with children and families.

Gill Voase

Agency Training Manager - Team Fostering
THE BEST Training

I will be honest and say that after fostering for 25 years I find training pretty boring and rarely learn anything new at this point. Online training I avoid where I can. So when I first attended Scott's training i turned up with the same attitude "lets get this over with". But then Scott opened his mouth and i was hanging on his every word. Scott brings a whole different method of training which i haven't experienced before and haven't experienced since. No PowerPoint, no suit, no patronising...Read more

Jane Simpson

Foster Carer
Excellent Training

Scott delivered training for our Foster Parents who found the course “eye opening” and said that they “could have listened to him all day.” They said that they could apply this training to their role in fostering and that they would recommend the course to others. Thank you Scott for delivering this excellent course.

Kylie Stacey

Flourish Fostering
Fantastic Training

Fantastic training for our Foster Carers and Staff, highly recommend to anyone working with Young People in care.

Tim Sheehan

Director - Quality Foster Care
Highly Professional, Respectful and Reliable

I have known Scott King for approximately three and a half years. He is one of our specialist trainers for our carers and as I manage carer training, we have been in regular contact throughout that time. I also attend all training that our carers are given to ensure the quality of training is maintained. Scott has the experience of growing up within the care system and therefore has a real understanding of the child’s view of the care system. He is an engaging, warm and empathic individual...Read more

Donna Mason

Anglia Fostering Agency

We have worked with Scott for the past 6 years or more. Scott has always been well received by both our fostering families and staff. He has an incredible story to share, which is both personal and very poignant. Scott has the ability to capture the audience and deliver his training in an unforgettable way. Scott has worked with us to design bespoke training for our fostering families, in line with our vision and policies. He is always up for the challenge and happy to tweak training to suit our organisational needs. Would thoroughly recommend Section 31 Training.

Aimee Bartlett

Xcel 2000

I have attended both face to face training and online training delivered by Scott King of Section31 Training.   The training is the best training I have ever had in my fostering role as it is straight from the horses mouth from someone that has grown up in care.   Scott shares his own experiences in a no holds barred way, opening up and sharing his often painful memories makes this training so poignant and unforgettable.  The training really makes you stop and think and strongly encourages...Read more

Joanne Milton

Foster Carer

I would like to say a massive thank you for coming in and speaking with us. Sharing your stories hit many of us at heart. Many of us shared a fair amount of tears and laughter. Never have I related more to Scott and his story, I thought I was the only one (apart from my 5 siblings who have been in the care  system as well as myself) and to relate to someone so much hit home but also brought me some peace. I am a student of Folkestone college to attend this conference.

Sophie Carey

Student - Folkestone College

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