Standard 1

Understand the principles and values essential for fostering children and young people.


This Standard sets out what you are expected to know about the principles and values underpinning work with children and young people, and how you should put them into practice.

You will be expected to show you understand how to promote the values listed and work in a way which supports and respects diversity.

You will be expected to understand the importance of confidentiality, including what you should keep confidential and what you should not.

You will also be expected to know how to put into practice the policies and procedures of your fostering service about sharing information with others.

The child or young person should be at the centre of all of our work.

It is one of the ways you will put the principles of care into practice.

You will show you understand how you put children and young people at the centre of your work by meeting the outcomes set out in this standard.

This includes understanding the right of children and young people to take risks and your role in relation to that risk-taking.


We want to stop children being moved from home to home by standing as an advocate for the “naughty kids” and promote a new perspective of care and give a new, deeper level of understanding.

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