Highly Recommend

I first met Scott nearly four years ago when I attended his course, A Child’s World, at the agency I foster for.

This course was unlike anything I had seen before in over sixteen years of looking after children.

His presentation was brutally honest, heart-breaking, but awe inspiring that this amazing young man had survived and developed into the man who stood before us.

I have since attended every course he has, both face to face and online, and have never been disappointed or failed to be affected and encouraged by his experiences.

He challenges me to continue when times are tough, to strive for the best for our young people when others would give up and to acknowledge what is important to their lives.

His online courses are delivered in an understated style with poignant music playing in the background as he shares his, and his brother’s, experiences of life in care.

The way he presents his face to face courses can be brutal in it’s honestly, when he challenges you to make things better for our young people, to question bad practices and to advocate for those who need us so much.

Scott’s training courses are essential for everyone who works or lives with children as it will enlighten you to how the child is really feeling about what they are experiencing.

He is not only a trained professional who understands and works within the established care system, but also he is a brave individual who is determined to improve it.

With his determination he is sure to succeed.

Jan Foster Carer

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