Introduction to Fostering



This course has been created by care leaver Scott King who has lived and worked in the care system since he was 6 months old. Like all Section 31 Courses a unique perspective is given from the point of view of a child / young person going through all of this including the feelings and traumas experienced so that carers can better understand the children they will be taking care of.

This course is also designed to debunk a lot of common myths about fostering and foster children and to explore the reality of it and what to expect as a new foster carers.

The care system often loses a lot of foster carers within the first year due to foster carers not having a deeper level of understanding. It is a big step taking a child from a different background into your home and things do not always go to plan. Carers can often feel like they have failed or feel they are not any good as foster carers which is why it is important for carers to learn at entry point, how to take care of themselves, to not be afraid to ask for help and to not take thing personally. All of these issues will be covered.

This course is specifically designed to ensure carers have the correct tools in their box to ensure fostering is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both child and carer.


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We want to stop children being moved from home to home by standing as an advocate for the “naughty kids” and promote a new perspective of care and give a new, deeper level of understanding.

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