An Introduction To Fostering


The world of fostering can be an absolute minefield for those just starting out – this course has been specifically designed as an introductory course to help you navigate the complex world of fostering. Whether you have just started the process, are thinking about fostering or have recently been approved this course will give you much needed confidence and understanding. This course is filled with information around how the UK care system functions including who everyone is, what they do and where foster carers fit into this. Throughout this course you will learn about why children come into care, including some real life narratives to give you a good idea of what life in care can be like from the child / young person’s perspective. You will be provided with downloadable resources to take away and read / refer back to as and when needed. This course would also benefit anyone who finds themselves working with children in care within other roles or who wants to learn more about the care system.


This does not replace the Skills To Foster pre-approval training, however this course stands to help people feel more comfortable in understanding the world of fostering as they enter it.



An Introduction To Fostering

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We want to stop children being moved from home to home by standing as an advocate for the “naughty kids” and promote a new perspective of care and give a new, deeper level of understanding.

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