Leaving care is a significant milestone in a young person’s life and it is one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging times in their journey. After years of living in a risk adverse system surrounded by restrictions and rules, the prospect of independence can be exciting. No more rules, no more meetings, no more social workers, no more controlling adults. The time to escape this system has finally arrived. Equally the thoughts of losing all support, having to fend for themselves, worrying about how they may support themselves if anything goes wrong can be overwhelming and frightening. It is important to understand the issues that young people leaving care face and find ways of providing a new kind of support that will help ease the tension and support young people as they venture out of this system and into the world of independence. This course looks at the leaving care and the issues young people face as they “age out” of the care system and provides a number of tools to help foster carers better understand what their young people may be going through.

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11 April 2022

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  • Social Norms and Societal Expectations Unlimited
  • In Their Shoes Unlimited
  • Behavioural Cues Unlimited
  • So Why Is It Different? Unlimited
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  • The Journey Into Independence – Evaluation Unlimited

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  1. Excellent


    Was very informative, we are now starting our journey with our young person and have always made it clear we will support him. At times it does feel personal but you have reminded me that it isn’t and this will continue to help my relationship with him

  2. Claire Kerrison19 May 2022 at 3:04 pm

    The Journey to Independance


    Brilliant course to identify areas of moving to independence for young people and emotions the transition can/could bring.

  3. Shawn Richardson18 May 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Journey to indépendance


    Excellent course

  4. Sue Richardson14 April 2022 at 3:24 pm

    the journey into independence


    Excellent course, plenty to think about and look at as our children come up to independence.

  5. A good reminder of how traumatic leaving the care system is!


    This course covers the realities of how a young person can be seriously emotionally effected by the ticking time bomb of having to leave care and become independent and how this can manifest in their behaviours and attitudes. It’s an important message that foster parents really need to see the process from the eyes of the young person and understand how much pressure this puts onto a young person when they are already going through the difficult process of being a teenager.

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