This is an in-person course delivered by Scott King. Scott will take you through his life journey reflecting on the good and the bad. This is the in-person adaptation of "Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience"

Facilitated by:

TSD Standards and L&D Framework

Learning Objectives: 

To emotionally impact the group positively, helping them to directly feel the emotions of children in care and    understand how children feel.
Be able to link emotion to actions.
Understanding the inner child and the feelings involved in “bad behaviour”.
Understanding the impacts of multiple placement moves.
Common outcomes for care leavers, current issues / statistics.
The consequences of blame upon the child
The importance of life story work and documenting positive achievements.
What is normal? What does it mean to adults? What does it mean to a child?
The development of the human conscience from birth to adulthood, reflecting on care experiences
Helping children and young people to manage their own behaviour

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Workshops / In person training typically runs from 10am – 2:30pm.   For all in person training send your request to contact@section31training.co.uk or submit the contact form below.

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  1. 5

    This course is amazing. Scott’s passion gives me more motivation to keep battling with the old-style culture!

  2. 5

    Good to hear the journey through the words of Scott who brings to vivid life what you be dry hypothetical examples. The need for all those in the care process to be utterly authentic and willing to stop and analyse their own positions and thoughts. An illuminating and at times heart breaking session that keeps alive the child’s journey through care

  3. 5

    Scott’s reasoned management of diffusing situations with young people which are very impactful and lasting and very meaningful

  4. 5

    I deliver attachment training to foster carers with a colleague. We teach parenting strategies that are responsive not reactive, we ask that people look behind behaviours to thought and feelings – notice the child before the event. We teach non-punitive measures. This training has given me a very lived experience which will support what I continue to do. Thank you very much for your honest insight into what it feels like to move through the care system

  5. 5

    This training was insightful and provided an in depth understanding of the view of the child in question

  6. 5

    Very good to hear the other side of the story, so not just how we behave but try to understand why children sometimes behave the way they do

  7. 5

    Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt lots. Really helped to see things from a different perspective. Real life case study was thought provoking and relatable to children we work with. Thank you

  8. Helpful training in empathy, to see the world and people as the young person might perceive it – vital skill for foster parents. Thank you

  9. 5

    The honesty in which the training was delivered definitely gives more of an impact. Hearing real life stories gives you a fuller understanding of what it really means to look beyond the behaviour as it is something that is regularly talked about

  10. 5

    I feel trauma to trouble and this training should be given to people before they come foster carers coming through panel

  11. 5

    I wish I’d had this sort of training before adopting my son and daughter, when I thought loving them would be enough

  12. 5

    I have found this very helpful and the sadness it brings and it helps me to understand more of the young people I look after

  13. 5

    One of the most illuminating and touching accounts I’ve heard. A very brave speaker and I’m sure most carers who were present were equally moved by this session

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