Being a teenager is tough, being a parent to a teenager can feel even tougher, but being a teenager who is also carrying the additional weight of trauma and adverse childhood experiences is tougher than both combined. This course looks at some of the difficulties that all teenagers face but also, how growing up in care can exacerbate the already very difficult developmental changes and stages of adolescence. Tools and tips are provided to aid understanding and to nurture a new way of thinking about teenagers and their external behavioural expressions whilst always linking how they behave to how they feel.

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12 March 2021

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TSD Standards and L&D Framework

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction and Overview 00:00:00
  • Defining Challenging Behaviours 00:00:00
  • Understanding Life In Care 00:00:00
  • Decoding Challenging Behaviours – Part 1 00:00:00
  • Decoding Challenging Behaviours – Part 2 00:00:00
  • Responding To and Communicating With Teenagers 00:00:00
  • Summary 00:00:00
  • Evaluation – Teenage Challenging Behaviours Unlimited

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  1. Teenage Challenging Behaviours


    very useful course and well presented

  2. Shawn Richardson9 April 2021 at 2:46 pm

    teenage challenging behaviour


    informative perspective from a young persons point of view

  3. Teenage challenging behaviour


    An excellent course for anyone working and caring for teenagers.

  4. Alison Churchill16 March 2021 at 4:13 pm

    Teenage Challenging Behaviours


    Excellent, truly insightful, very helpful indeed

  5. Teenage Challenging Behaviours


    It was a very real and insightful course. It really gave some insight into teenage behaviours, what they might display and how they can feel every day. This course gave great advice on how to interact and deal with certain challenges they may face to help them through it.
    Very professional and put together. We also got so much out of the two stories. Thank you 🙂

  6. Michael Robinson13 March 2021 at 12:39 pm

    teenage challenging behaviour


    good course especially for new foster carers

  7. Claire Buckton12 March 2021 at 7:33 pm

    Teenage challenging behaviour


    I really found this course so easy to listen to, it’s always interesting to see views from another perspective it helps to understand the negative behaviour we get regularly and helps de code it!

  8. challenging teenagers


    very informative and well explained

  9. Teenage Challenging Behaviours


    Excellent Course, Very Informative

  10. Understanding Teenage Behaviour in Care


    An excellent, clear course.

  11. Alexia Pallister24 February 2021 at 3:04 pm

    Challenging Behaviour


    Wonderfully presented training with a powerful message in relation to understanding the reasons behind children and young people’s emotive behaviours.

  12. Brilliant


    Fantastic insight and knowledge.will help any career or parent

  13. defining challenging behaviours


    was informative and clearly presented

  14. Teenage Challenging Behaviour


    It can be hard sometimes not to take thinks personal, things are said in the heat of the moment, watching and seeing the child grow into a beautiful young caring person for me has been rewarding and this course says it all through their eyes.

  15. Very insightful


    Another fantastic course. This is my second and I have to say that the content is brilliant. It is clear, concise and very informative. More importantly though, it really makes you think and question your approach, in a good way of course.

  16. Teenage Challenging Behaviour


    This course provides a comprehensive overview of presenting behaviours which encourages carers to consider what lies behind a behaviour to the feelings and emotions that are there in the young person so that we can start to learn how to respond to how they feel not how they behave. Personal stories from Scott and two other people with care experience highlight a range of emotions and responses by the care systems and by carers and birth families in their stories which bring heart and reality to the content of the course. Another great course. Looking forward to attending others.

  17. Teenage challenging behaviour


    Good course good to hear someone saying not every behaviour is because the kids are in care. This seems to be a go to excuse for normal things. Yes some things are related to past trauma and need support but some things are normal growing up stuff. Self empowerment should be the aim of us all for our kids. The grown ups can learn to from our kids if we just listen deeper.

  18. Catherine Keyworth16 November 2020 at 7:14 pm

    teenage challenging behaviour


    I found this course very insightful and helpful. It should help me to be more understanding and focus my attention more on what the young person needs to develop

  19. Great course


    We have reservations about caring for teenagers and our Social Worker asked us to reserve judgement until we have completed our Skills to Foster course. Well I don’t think we need to wait until then as your knowledge and honesty throughout these modules has given us an insight into some of the problems and emotions these teenagers have to deal with and how to cope . This one course has made us think differently about caring for teenagers -we now understand that learning to understand their behaviours is not that different to any other aged child from a similar background and with the same challenges. We are now reconsidering our options …
    The only thing I would say that we would have liked from this course is some more reference sheets to download . We made notes on behaviours but found there was a lot of information to write down and it distracted slightly from listening to the content (although we will be running through some of the sections again before completing .

  20. A real insight


    This course offers real insight into how a teenager thinks, feels and reacts to the challenges of moving through their teenage years into adulthood. Scott’s honest delivery of the subject and his insight from personal experience as well as working with teenagers is invaluable. He challenges you to do things better, to look beyond the behaviour and not to give up on those who need us most.

  21. Excellent!


    This course is excellent, It will help carers/social workers/parents understand and be able to communicate with their teenager..
    it may also remind them that they were young once (and probably did many of these behaviours)
    I have fostered teenagers for most of my years fostering and am definitely Team Teen.
    This course will give a greater understanding of why teens react in ways that dont always make sense and how to approach those issues…
    I also think this course reminds us that all children need love, we just have to find how best to show them we love/care about them..

  22. Useful and insightful


    Thank you Scott, I really enjoyed this course. I have found the information very useful and insightful. I would recommend this to anyone who is currently fostering a teenager or is thinking about doing so.

  23. excellent course


    this has been the best online course to follow im not great on courses this was easily to understand and detail was excellent with good knowledge shown this will definitely help with supporting our lad

  24. Excellent course - highly recommend


    A thought-provoking course that highlights how teenagers in care think and feel about us, the system, and the world around them. Ultimately, providing a better understanding of what drives their behaviour.
    Understanding that their “behaviour makes them feel what they feel” and how we, as carers, can help and support them to create a more safe, understanding home environment in which they can successfully grow into young adults.
    Ultimately, that seeking to exercise control over teenagers is futile, and that it is only through building a trusted relationship can we help them navigate their own feelings which in turn, will help them make better sense of the world they were born into.
    An excellent course and one I would highly recommend.

  25. Insightful & engaging course


    I care for teens (#teamteens) and I found this course to be insightful, hard hitting in places, brutally honest, informative and personal. Scott always makes it feel that hes in the room with you when you’re doing an online course and this is rare. He and his information will keep you engaged throughout and come out the end with not only a certificate but also many thoughts and feelings that will last a long time. Always refreshing to do a Section 31 course.

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