Scott King was taken into care when he was 6 months old along with his older brother Ben who was 3 at the time. Ben and Scott spent their entire youth in care and endured great hardship, however, somehow they prevailed in the face of adversity. Scott was considered by those caring for him to be a very challenging child, whereas Ben was very quiet. Due to reasons they were not aware of at the time, they both had a lot of moves and were split up partway through their journey. Scott will reflect on how he and Ben understood things as children and compare that to how they understand it all now. Like many children in care, Ben and Scott's journeys were complex and very confusing, leaving many voids and additional traumas after care. Scott will take learners through his and Ben's recovery journey of revisiting the old homes, finding the people from their past and finding the answers they needed to gain closure. Scott will take learners through every move, every hardship and all the ups and all the downs from his perspective as a child and as an adult looking back. Scott has also worked professionally in this system for many years as well so he is also able to bring in the professional perspective. By understanding Scott and Ben's journeys it will give learners a better insight into how a journey though care and trauma can feel and what it is like in their shoes. From this new level of understanding, learners can better understand the children they work for and think differently about the decisions they make.

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  • Tutorial 00:00:00
    • Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience 00:00:00
    • An Introduction From Scott King 00:00:00
    • Overview Of Course 00:00:00
    • Scott’s Story 00:00:00
    • Ben’s Story 00:00:00
    • Unanswered Questions 00:00:00
    • Living With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 00:00:00
    • All Of The Moves 00:00:00
    • The Professional Perspective – Reflection 00:00:00
    • Revisiting The Past 00:00:00
    • Revisiting The Past – Part 2 00:00:00
    • The Abuse 00:00:00
    • Moving Forward 00:00:00
    • Summary 00:00:00
    • Evaluation 00:00:00

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  1. An interesting case study


    Having been in care myself, this roughly reflects my own experiences of care in terms of the systems performance. Similarly my siblings did not have a great time in care. Sadly as a foster carer we now see that the same sort of mistakes are still made by Local Authorities. Money and dogma continue to be prioritised over the children and you have to fight for everything you can get.

  2. Growing up in care lived experience


    Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you Scott & Ben for sharing your experiences with me that you have both been through. I do believe that everyone who works with children should take this course & will learn a lot from it. I can honestly say this course was absolutely brilliant & I would highly recommend it. I was a child that was in the care system but luckily for me only one placement & not for to long. I am now a mother of four and I’m also a foster Carer & have been for five years . Watching & listening to this course was very heartbreaking & made me cry at times. I strongly believe it has gave me a better understanding to why children come into the care system, what trauma they they go through & how it affects them all so differently. I will hopefully be one of the best carers I will never give up & be able to make a big difference to each & everyone of the children that are placed in my care. I am definitely looking forward to completing more of your courses

  3. Growing up in care: lived experience


    excellent insight into how a child mite feel living in care, helping a foster carer look at the child’s trauma and understand there behaviour and able to look at why they behave the way they do, thank you scott sharing yours and Bens journey , look forward to doing another one of your courses, thank you viv powell foster carer for Team fostering.

  4. Interesting Insight


    I felt this was an interesting insight into the life of someone who was in the care system. I’m watching it 5 years into being a foster carer and am also married to someone who grew up in the care system, so it did feel at times like I was going over a lot of familiar information. I felt section 2 and section 6 were the most interesting and useful sections of the course. Some of the other sections I personally felt were too long.

  5. Growing up in care lived experience


    Very emotional Throughout thought provoking and I will willingly take on board all aspects of this fantastic course.

  6. Growing up in care lived experience


    A well presented and thorough experience of what happened to these boys. It was very upsetting and I must admit I did cry alot of the time. But very well presented and thorough. I am glad I did this training.

  7. A must watch for every Foster carer


    Fantastic course full of information which will make you cry and smile. I wish I had seen this on my fostering training at the beginning.

  8. brilliant course


    Great course, helps build empathy and understanding of why children behave the way they do. I was kept engaged throughout and i could also take a break and go back to the course whenever i wanted.

  9. Growing Up in Care: Lived Experience


    A course that has an immediate impact and lots to reflect on, really well constructed and delivered. Thank you Scott and Ben for sharing your experience, its impact and holding hope for the future.

  10. Growing up in care 5


    Very enlightening and interesting. 5

  11. Georgina Preston28 October 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Invaluable training


    I have attended this course is person in 2018 and would recommend this course not only to those who haven’t done it before, but also to those who have. I found it valuable to re-visit Scott and Ben’s journey, and there are sections that have been added that given further context and a deeper understanding of the brothers’ journey. I would recommend this to all working in the care system. As a foster parent I actually feel it would have been invaluable to have had this training in the first 12 months of approval along with other mandatory training as I believe the level of understanding Scott gives the learner will help to stop placements breaking down.

  12. Highly recommend


    This is the second course that I have completed with this organisation, and I wasn’t disappointed. Scott provides a narrative of children living through the care system, based on his own experiences and those of his brother. The information is given in a balanced, non-blaming manner. I believe foster carers and social workers alike, would benefit from attending this and similar courses, that help to understand the real life of Looked After Children which in turn may help to reduce the different traumas that so many experience

  13. Growing up in Care – The Lived Experience


    Growing up in Care – The Lived Experience we thought was a little over priced compared to the others but after completing the course we could completely see how much content and information you had put into it . Everyone considering fostering or indeed within the child care sector should complete this course as standard. Your case highlighted a definite need for a change in the care system – better communication, compassion etc and we commend you for being able to share some of your difficult experiences, whilst balancing with some of the more pleasant times you had growing up.
    If anything – after learning so much from these course – we are more determined to want to make a difference – even if only to one set of siblings. One child suffering neglect or abuse in our opinion is one child too many in this day and age. 🙁

  14. Fascinating but emotional!


    I found the course fascinating though an emotional watch at times. Huge credit to you and Ben for opening up about such personal issues, and allowing others to learn more about the need to listen to and see things from the child’s perspective. Hopefully, the other work you mention you are now involved in also, will help teach, inform and give a better understanding to those in other areas of caring for looked after children and care leavers, as well as foster carers.
    Breaking the cycle is something that is so very important and this course helps gives me, and I’m sure, other foster carers, hope that we can hopefully play a very small part in trying to do so, not only for our children we look after now but for generations to come.
    I am very much looking forward to doing more of your courses in the future . Thank you.

  15. Growing up in Care / A Shared Experience


    This is undoubtedly an amazing course, honest, raw and very emotional. I challenge anyone taking the course not to be moved and sad that this could have happened to these two boys and how they have despite of all the odds grown up to become the strong and brave young men they are today . As a professional be it as a foster carer social worker or teacher this course will make you question your practice Never before have we taken into real question the feelings of the child in deed we are often told not to say “I know how you feel ” because we don’t . However that should not prevent us asking the child how they do feel. The number of unplanned moves was horrendous and lack of preparation for them just unbelievable. This however they accepted and the reasons why and hold no malice . I said this would make us look at our own practice and what stood out for me was the impact of, what is said, just as much as what was done. A kind word one of praise and encouragement goes a long way. One negative remark can stay with you forever. It was encouraging to know that they had enough good experiences to cling onto.
    The presentation of the course was superb from the flash cards to the detailed plans and the cards without the narration when Scott described the abuse he went through was very powerful .
    This course should be offered to all who work with children . An outstanding course which held my attention from start to finish well done.

  16. Extremely powerful!


    This is one of the best courses I have been on. It was incredibly real resulting in such emotional feelings.
    If anything can make me a better mother/foster carer I will take it and this was so powerful.
    Thankyou – hope I can do more of your courses.

  17. Amazing & insightful


    Amazing course, as foster carer’s we never get to see the full story behind a placement referral. This training course gives an honest and accurate reflection from a child in care’s own experiences.
    Thank you for sharing. I found the whole course very powerful and emotional at times.
    This course is an absolute must for any foster carer or those involved with looked after children.

  18. SO beneficial!


    The training couldn’t have been any more beneficial than it has been. I wish this training could be given to all involved with children, especially teachers, in order to give them a better understanding of why children behave as they do.

  19. This course is a must do


    Thank you so much for giving us permission to see your life in all its dimensions. Thank you for giving a voice to the hidden experiences of children in care who haven’t yet discovered the power of their own voice and the uniqueness of their own story and the hope and future that lies ahead. This course enlightens us and gives us a chance to learn from the past to make brighter and happier tomorrows for the children we are caring for. This course is a real must for the absolute beginner to those who have been working in the field for decades.

  20. Fantastic training!


    Highly recommended for all foster carers, to get an insight on how a child feels having foster carers giving up on them.
    It was heartbreaking to listen to Scott and Ben’s experience in foster care which brought tears to my eyes. Every child deserves to be loved and supported. I personally feel this training should be mandatory for all foster carers as part of their induction training, in the hope it stops children being moved from home to home and giving the foster carer a deeper understanding of what damage can be caused.

  21. Really well presented


    It feels strange to grade a course content when it is real life but it was really very well presented and coherently put across information that was honest and emotional. As individuals the brothers are inspiring and deserve their successes through life. As we are awaiting our panel date I have taken this course on my own, not signed up through my work or through our agency, and I am so glad I have done so. I hope that we can be foster carers any children that join our family need and deserve. This course has both opened my eyes and confirmed what I thought I knew about the care system and I hope it has a professional impact within the care system that implements changes.

  22. Natalie Beckett28 August 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Highly recommend!!


    This course has exceeded all my expectations. Scott and Ben’s story is so heartbreaking but through this course it has become so informative. Im new to the whole process but doing this course has certainly made me rethink about which direction I want to go in with fostering and how to better handle situations I may come across. I cannot recommend this course enough!! Thank you Scott and Ben for sharing your story and for enabling us to become better carers.

  23. Growing up in Care course


    The course is incredibly detailed and really allows you to see everything through the eyes of a child in care. It has provided me with plenty to consider and will change the way I respond to and take care of children in our care

  24. A very good & in-depth course


    Having undertaken this course for section 31, i found it to be a very good course, very in-depth but as I’m not a carer as yet i cannot really relate to it but found it heartbreaking to listen to Scott & Ben’s experience of growing up in the care system & from being constantly moved from pillar to post & not being listened to.

  25. Outstanding Content


    I found this course amazing!
    I felt it took me on an emotional journey and made me self reflect on what i do and say and the importance of my role.
    I love the fact that there was a professional insight aswell as Scott and Bens Insight.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the care setting and to anyone who is a prospective foster carer. This has made me want to be the best i can be and be the person that makes a difference in these childrens lives.

  26. A must for foster carers


    This course will benefit anyone who is interested in becoming a foster carer or who is working with children.
    It is very easy to follow and has been put together in such a good way. You will get a honest view of what it was like for Ben and Scott and how the system impacts on them throughout their time in care and after into adulthood.
    You will be able to take onboard what they have been through and use this to inform your practice.
    Through this course I have also had support from Scott, he has gone out his way to provide me with advice. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and has been through which in turn is helping people like me.

  27. Inspirational


    This course should be taken by anyone involved in Children’s care, we all need a greater understanding of how our actions and decisions affect Children..
    Scott and Ben are inspirational, so many failings in their care and yet they haven’t only survived they have thrived, and are looking for ways to try to ensure others do not have to go through what they went through…

  28. Everyone working with children should take this course!


    While travelling through the story of Scott and Ben’s life I felt constantly in awe of how these two brothers have survived and flourished into the men they are today. The bond between them and the love they have for each other has been severely tested but they remain strong and support each other. The experiences they have lived through are delivered in a calm and professional manner but are sometimes difficult to listen to or read about. The choices of music help to draw you into the subject and reflect their feelings at the time.
    It is heartbreaking to realise these two little boys were failed so badly by the system and by people who should have protected them. However, it is also a reflection of their strength of will and their resilience that they are where they are today. The relationships which were important to them in the past, and they have been able to rediscover in recent years have demonstrated that people can make a difference in childrens lives if they are prepared to love and care for them.
    This is a course which everyone who works with children should take. It will make you question and challenge the system and will make you analyse your own practices but this is imperative to protect the child and ensure this type of thing doesn’t keep happening.
    It also gives you hope that with love and support our vulnerable children can achieve and have the stable future they deserve.

  29. Growing up in Care - Lived Experience


    An excellent and powerful course which really highlights the complex journey of a child through the care system and how decisions made by professionals, foster carers and educators can have a profound affect on an individuals life. It gives us a unique insight into the world of traumatised children from their perspective.

    A ‘must have’ course for all foster carers, social workers, educators and decision makers.

  30. What refreshing content !


    A no nonsense, hard hitting account of “what it is like to be “ . Made me reflect on my practice but equally made me realise what I am doing right and what a difference certain reactions can have to situations.
    This is essential. Should be mandatory.
    Positive, negative , good and bad, every current and pre approved foster carer should see this !

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