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16 May 2021

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TSD Standards and L&D Framework

Course Curriculum

  • Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience 00:00:00
    • An Introduction From Scott King 00:00:00
    • Overview Of Course 00:00:00
    • Scott’s Story 00:00:00
    • Ben’s Story 00:00:00
    • Unanswered Questions 00:00:00
    • Living With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 00:00:00
    • All Of The Moves 00:00:00
    • Reflection 00:00:00
    • Revisiting The Past – Part 1 00:00:00
    • Revisiting The Past – Part 2 00:00:00
    • The Abuse 00:00:00
    • Moving Forward 00:00:00
    • Summary 00:00:00
    • Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience – Evaluation Unlimited

Course Description

Scott King was taken into care when he was 6 months old along with his older brother Ben who was 3 at the time. Ben and Scott spent their entire youth in care and endured great hardship, however, somehow they prevailed in the face of adversity. Scott was considered by those caring for him to be a very challenging child, whereas Ben was very quiet. Due to reasons they were not aware of at the time, they both had a lot of moves and were split up partway through their journey. Scott will reflect on how he and Ben understood things as children and compare that to how they understand it all now. Like many children in care, Ben and Scott's journeys were complex and very confusing, leaving many voids and additional traumas after care. Scott will take learners through his and Ben's recovery journey of revisiting the old homes, finding the people from their past and finding the answers they needed to gain closure. Scott will take learners through every move, every hardship and all the ups and all the downs from his perspective as a child and as an adult looking back. Scott has also worked professionally in this system for many years as well so he is also able to bring in the professional perspective. By understanding Scott and Ben's journeys it will give learners a better insight into how a journey though care and trauma can feel and what it is like in their shoes. From this new level of understanding, learners can better understand the children they work for and think differently about the decisions they make.

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  1. Andrea Bowers16 May 2021 at 7:43 am

    Excellent insight into what children Experience in Care


    a really great course, very emotive and gives an excellent insight into the failures and how to avaiod them.

  2. Growing up in care


    Brilliant insight into how children feel being brought up in the care system and how we can help minimise the trauma they go through.

  3. Excellent course - would strongly recommend


    Gives a brilliant insight into the perspective of children going through the care system and their feelings about failings and shortcomings. It certainly highlights the “lessons learnt” concept.

  4. Jane Donavan5 May 2021 at 6:21 pm

    A must


    For me this course was so honest that at times I wanted to turn off the volume, but it has definatly given me a better understanding of my boy

  5. Rachel Crosby5 May 2021 at 10:28 am


    This course had a big impact on me. I have a few key take outs which were:

    *Don’t judge if you don’t know the background and context
    *Try to understand from children what drives their behaviours
    *Don’t brand children as ‘naughty’
    *Communication with children is key – from social workers and carers
    *Investing the time to find the right placement from the start is the ideal

    I found the course really informative. There was a good flow through the sections, with the experiences of the children first, and then later from the viewpoint of the social workers

    Some of it was shocking and hard to listen to – the abuse, and you think ‘how could that have happened’ and I spent a lot of time hoping that things have improved with assessment and on-going communication with foster carers and children.

    I would definitely recommend this course to people who are or are considering becoming foster carers and social workers.

  6. Sophie Williams4 May 2021 at 2:31 pm



    This course was eye opening! It really pulled on your heart strings and made you realise what changes could be made.

  7. Danielle Holmes3 May 2021 at 6:34 pm



    Loved every minute of this course. So heart felt, accurate and honest

  8. Alayne Mcpherson1 May 2021 at 6:53 pm

    Fantastic Course


    The personal narrative of this course leads to an intensely deep understanding of the perspective of a looked-after child. I found it to be objective even while appraising the difficulties and failings in the system, all while giving an honest and raw account of what it feels like to be a child lost and hurt, being passed from one family and home to another. It resonated with me on several levels; I was drawn into the world of Ben and Scott, I could see and understand those same feelings swirling around in the young people I support, and I recognise so many of the sadnesses from my own childhood. I had to take several breaks during the course, because of the emotional responses I had, but it was so worth it. Absolutely brilliant course, and I look forward to completing more training with Section 31.

  9. Lorraine Pegg1 May 2021 at 11:05 am

    Section 31


    Brilliant, but the system is still the same

  10. Brilliant training


    I completed this online training recently. The training being delivered by someone who has experienced a journey through care made this training powerful and real. The training was inspiring, emotive and honest. The training is a real reminder of why we start to foster in the first place. Being able to relate to a child’s real journey was brilliant. Foster carers have a powerful and privileged position to make real change for young people and massively influence the adults those children become.
    Scott you are a true example of someone who has used some negative childhood experiences to create something positive in your adult life and then gone beyond that, by sharing your journey through the medium of professional training to support others being the best version of themselves they can be, as the adults working now with children in care.

  11. June & David Niblett28 April 2021 at 10:09 pm

    Very Powerful


    It was a very powerful video I cried , it as given me a better understanding on the children who as been in our care over the years it’s also prepared me for the children who will be placed with us

  12. Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience


    This is a brutally honest first-hand account from two siblings of the failings and reality of the ‘care system’. At times it is harrowing to listen to the dreadful mistakes that were made in how these young children were treated. Once their adoption broke down they should have had the chance to return to the carers where they were all happy. Instead they had 36 and 21 moves respectively – not really providing the stability that every young person needs to thrive.
    The abuse that they experienced in ‘care’ is shocking and shows the vital role that CSWs should have with their children so they can spot when things are not right.

    However, the fact that Scott has been able to share these events and has learned to deal with them gives me hope for some of the challenging placements we deal with.

    I’d strongly recommend this course to those working in the sector and for prospective carers so they can gain the insight into those challenging behaviours; and that just because a child seems to be ok and compliant they may be dealing with far more than we can imagine.

  13. Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience


    Let me just start with WOW! the information provided in this training is so real i have seen it happen over the years young people moved on the day not being told, their social workers leaving and how such things impact young people. i feel for some it is not really easy to see these young people as that actual people because they are children and decisions have to be made “for them” instead of with them, and this course just highlights how important it is to keep young people informed of their lives and what decisions need to be made but ensuring the right use of language is used so each individual understands exactly what is being said.

  14. Patsy Marshall26 April 2021 at 9:23 pm

    Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience


    I think it is extremely well put together and a very powerful and insightful course, I couldn’t stop listening to your journeys and could have listened to more. Fantastic thank you for sharing your experience

  15. Rebecca Pearson12 March 2021 at 1:15 pm

    Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience


    I have found this course so emotionally moving, inspiring and beneficial to my developing practice working with children who are subject to a care order, either in residential or foster care arrangements. Thank you so much for using your experiences to bring things to light in the wider systems, and to give practitioners the confidence to challenge even more and a motivation to continue doing so. It has shown through the course that both of you have prevailed into being proof that cycles can break, and you should be so proud of your journeys. I am so grateful to have come across this course, and I look forward to the others that will follow in the specialised areas.

  16. Angela Hutchinson11 March 2021 at 12:02 pm

    Growing up in care


    I have found this course interesting and informative. It is very thought provoking and so valuable because it comes from the heart of a child in care.

  17. Inspiring


    Scott, as a professional, I have found this course so interesting and thought provoking. It is a must for anyone who works with children and young people. Thank you for sharing your and Ben’s story.

  18. Blown my mind!


    This course has taken me on a journey that I can not fully express, my mind has been blown by the strength and determination of the boys but equally how it has beautifully taken me on a journey of reflection of my own practise! I would recommend that all social workers in children’s setting undertake this course!

    Well done Scott and Ben!

  19. David Cartner-Dobbs22 February 2021 at 8:45 pm

    Scott king Growing up in care: lived experience


    Bloody good course! everybody and I mean everybody should watch this! this should be out on youtube, this should be on tv, this should be played when children in need is broadcasted! courses like this should shown to the public to make them realise that there is people out there that need support and not to look down or turn away from those who need it!

  20. Clare Cartner-Dobbs22 February 2021 at 8:45 pm

    Scott King - Growing up in care: Lived experience


    I would highly recommend this course to others. I feel that this course should been mandatory for all adopters (Especially those who take a child and have no further contact) as this will highlight the importance of ongoing relationships for the child. I also feel that teachers and educators should have access to this training and training on the possible effects of trauma on development in schools. As a former teacher and advisory teacher now. Staff are given safeguarding training and how to recognise abuse but I feel that they need to really see the impact trauma can have on a child’s life and development so that they can fully and holistically support LAC children to reach their potential.

  21. the journey


    excellent training which left me feeling very sad for our last little girl who was adopted and despite promises to keep us in their lives they have blocked every attempt to communicate. You have confirmed what we have always thought.

  22. Insight into a Child in care


    I really valued the course the summary was the best for me as it gives a firm message that you can make a difference no matter what to Looked After Children.
    The course is long for online and wondered whether it could be reduced as you want the learner to take in all of the material and use it to help children. I will use this course for people who are interested in fostering as well as approved carers. Thank you so much Scott! Unfortunately I was unable to complete question 7 in the quiz it would not let me choose an answer.

  23. Eye-opening


    This course has opened my eyes to the lived experiences of children in care and the importance of clear communication

  24. So insightful


    Although challenging to hear your stories, I am so glad you shared them. I am a social worker. I have worked as a children’s social worker, then as a supervising social worker, now I assess people to become foster parents. Although, I was aware of many of the issues in your training, it was incredibly powerful to hear it from the perspective of someone who has lived in foster care. themselves. Additionally, I like the way you delivered the training, very clear relatable language, which was easy to understand. Thank you for all your positive work towards improving care experiences for others.

  25. Excellent course


    An amazing course which really gives a meaningful insight into our actions as foster carers and the impact on the lives of the children we care for and their long term outcomes.

  26. Growing Up in Care: Lived Experience


    Thank you Scott and Ben for sharing your experiences and helping us understand how important it is to remain child focused and make decisions as part of a team around the child for the child’s best interests.

  27. Amazing


    Amazing insight to children in care.very educational for all adults

  28. Growing up in care


    As a foster carer, looking after a child who can be challenging, this course made me see life through her eyes and has helped me to understand why she behaves as she does. Inspiring, thank you.

  29. 5

    Amazing training!!! I can’t recommend this training highly enough, truly honest, engaging and inspiring. Thanks so much

  30. Alexia Pallister3 February 2021 at 11:49 am

    Growing Up In Care Lived Experience


    What a wonderfully shared significant and difficult experience. Every social worker, student social worker, manager, actually anyone working in social care should watch and listen to this amazing training. Thank you – Lex

  31. Carol Fitzsimmons2 February 2021 at 7:41 pm

    Very relevant


    This course gave me a better understanding of how the lives of children in care can be affected by many changes of placement and not being told the reasons why placements end. The need to say goodbye to caregivers when moving on impacts hugely on their lives.

  32. 5

    Absolutely a must for all new and experienced foster carers. I can not recommend highly enough. Very emotional.

  33. Growing up in care: lived experience


    A very thought provoking course.
    Thank you for regonising carers who care long term …. this is what I do.
    you should be very proud and thank you for sharing your journey.

  34. Brilliant


    Very informative help’s give an understanding from a different perspective

  35. Journey


    Absolutely loved this course

  36. Growing up in care


    Excellent this is the second time we have done this course .still makes us cry , so please to be able to make a different.

  37. 5

    Exceptional Course – Well thought out and presented. Very powerful. Thankyou for sharing your story, it was a privilege to join you on it

  38. 5

    This was very different training to all the other therapeutic training we have received. We loved how you took us on a journey with what you experienced. So many things stood out for us and gave us some insight to our foster son and his behaviours/traits. The phase of ‘what could have been and what was’ really hit a chord with us. The broken attachments with no closure and how hard that must have been for you and your brother. Being clear with language and what is clear to us may not be clear with our foster son. This has had such an impact that I would love for every person coming into fostering to do this course as part of the first line of training. Thank you so much for facilitation this training and delivering it in the way you do. This for us was a game changer.

  39. An Eye Opener


    This was suggested to myself during training around long term fostering. I am an approved Foster Carer who is just planning my first placement, this course has really made me think about the care i want to provide and the carer i want to be. Its made me really evaluate what i can provide in a simple and easy way that will have the greatest long term impact. We all know its a challenging role, but we often don’t factor in what a challenge it is for young people. Thank you so much.

  40. Growing up in care


    I’ve tried writing this review without using all the normal cliché’s but, unfortunately I can’t find any other way of describing how much impact and realisation your course has had on me.
    I am a foster carer for a very special young man. He has been known to us since he was 6 years old, we used to provide him with short breaks from his family. He came to live with us just a few months before his 7th birthday. Our journey together hasn’t been the easiest or straight forward as you can imagine. His profile read like something from a horror movie (excuse the pun). We felt that he was so demonised by his birth mother, clearly she wasn’t seeing in him what we could see. So hearing your story took me right back to his beginnings with us, it was like walking the same parallel path. We knew all the labels that followed him and by god he had many! But we could also see that there was this wonderful young man, he had so much hidden potential and was just waiting for somebody or bodies to believe in him. I could relate to so much of you and your brothers life to him. There were many times during your slides I could feel the tears whelpling up behind my eyes as you struck so many cords with your journey. We have never seen our boy has having challenging behaviour, what we saw was our boy had behaviours that challenged us. I say this because we felt our boys behaviours were unique to him and it was our job to find the meaning behind them and provide him with the right support in getting him to understand why he behaved the way he did and this is why we saw it as all our journey. Roll on to present day, our young man was 17 last week now well on the way to adult hood. We couldn’t celebrate his birthday as I would have liked but never the less we did what he wanted to do. We are planning for his future and he is going to stay on with us past 18 on when I am ready to leave scheme here in Wales (this is his home for as long as he want’s to stay). Never a day goes by that he doesn’t bring us joy, make us laugh and be proud of the kind, caring , loving , funny, loyal and as he say’s himself he’s living life to the fullest. He had a wonderful school life and has made many friends. He is now in his first year of college and adjusting well to the new way of learning. Over the years we have built up positive relationships with his birth family and we support him in having regular contact with his mother, stepfather and his siblings. He knows he is loved by us and he refers to us as mam and dad. Our own birth children accept him as their younger brother and our extended family and friends see him as part of us. Our young man likes to here his story of how we came to chose him from the other children, this narrative is part of his life story on how he became part of our family and how he doesn’t see himself as a looked after child. We know we’ve made a difference in our young man’s life but we also know that he has helped us to shape the people we are by allowing us to provide him with a loving and caring home.
    So going back to my first statement I thank you for sharing yours and your brother’s journey with us. My only wish is that, your journey will help influence the policy makers in making the changes to a system that isn’t fully fit for purpose for the most vulnerable people in our society. As for me I am looking forward to attending more of your courses.

  41. Lived experience


    As foster Carers we have not walked in the shoes of our children – and our children often do not know why they react to situations the way they do this course goes a long way to help begin to close the gap and improve our understanding.
    Thank you for your openness and honesty

  42. Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience


    Wow! Thank you Scott and Ben King for sharing your journey so intimately. I hope you’re both feeling immensely proud of your achievements!
    I have found this course to give an invaluable insight into how life is like for a child in care and beyond, the good, the bad and the ugly. This course has made me reflect in my role as a foster carer, a mum, a friend and a member of society. I certainly have a clearer understanding of the impact on children in care and what changes i can personally make.

  43. Absolutely loved this course


    A real eye opener. Should be mandatory for all foster carers to complete!

  44. Growing up in care - Lived experience


    Amazing course and very powerful. I am in my final year of my social work degree and I have learnt so much, how I want to make a difference, to ensure I hear the voices of the child and young person and understand what they are going through to ensure I support them effectively. Well done to Scott and Ben for telling their story and their journey. I am glad I have taken this course and I will be sharing this course with my university and fostering agency, so others can learn from the experiences.

  45. Paula Gilberthorpe29 December 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Growing up in Care: Lived Experiece


    Excellent. Gives a very honest and indepth view on how a child or young person interprets what is said and what they think they heard.

  46. Remarkable


    Scott the courage that both you and your brother have shown is both remarkable and inspiring , thankyou

  47. Amazing training


    Brilliant course, well done . It gives a powerful insight of the impact that being in care can have on a child. Look forward to doing more great and much appreciated courses with you, in person and online.

  48. Growing Up in Care: Lived Experience


    Really insightful and will definitely have an impact on my practice.

  49. brilliant course


    Great course, helps build empathy and understanding of why children behave the way they do. I was kept engaged throughout and i could also take a break and go back to the course whenever i wanted.

  50. Growing Up In Care: Lived Experience


    This training is so inspiring and has made me reflect so much on my social work practice.

  51. 5

    This was some of the best training I have ever had. Life stories are inspirational, open and speaks from the heart. It would be good for all services who work with children and young people to do this training.

  52. An interesting case study


    Having been in care myself, this roughly reflects my own experiences of care in terms of the systems performance. Similarly my siblings did not have a great time in care. Sadly as a foster carer we now see that the same sort of mistakes are still made by Local Authorities. Money and dogma continue to be prioritised over the children and you have to fight for everything you can get.

  53. Growing up in care lived experience


    Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you Scott & Ben for sharing your experiences with me that you have both been through. I do believe that everyone who works with children should take this course & will learn a lot from it. I can honestly say this course was absolutely brilliant & I would highly recommend it. I was a child that was in the care system but luckily for me only one placement & not for to long. I am now a mother of four and I’m also a foster Carer & have been for five years . Watching & listening to this course was very heartbreaking & made me cry at times. I strongly believe it has gave me a better understanding to why children come into the care system, what trauma they they go through & how it affects them all so differently. I will hopefully be one of the best carers I will never give up & be able to make a big difference to each & everyone of the children that are placed in my care. I am definitely looking forward to completing more of your courses

  54. Growing up in care: lived experience


    excellent insight into how a child mite feel living in care, helping a foster carer look at the child’s trauma and understand there behaviour and able to look at why they behave the way they do, thank you scott sharing yours and Bens journey , look forward to doing another one of your courses, thank you viv powell foster carer for Team fostering.

  55. Interesting Insight


    I felt this was an interesting insight into the life of someone who was in the care system. I’m watching it 5 years into being a foster carer and am also married to someone who grew up in the care system, so it did feel at times like I was going over a lot of familiar information. I felt section 2 and section 6 were the most interesting and useful sections of the course. Some of the other sections I personally felt were too long.

  56. Growing up in care lived experience


    Very emotional Throughout thought provoking and I will willingly take on board all aspects of this fantastic course.

  57. Growing up in care lived experience


    A well presented and thorough experience of what happened to these boys. It was very upsetting and I must admit I did cry alot of the time. But very well presented and thorough. I am glad I did this training.

  58. A must watch for every Foster carer


    Fantastic course full of information which will make you cry and smile. I wish I had seen this on my fostering training at the beginning.

  59. Growing Up in Care: Lived Experience


    A course that has an immediate impact and lots to reflect on, really well constructed and delivered. Thank you Scott and Ben for sharing your experience, its impact and holding hope for the future.

  60. Growing up in care 5


    Very enlightening and interesting. 5

  61. Georgina Preston28 October 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Invaluable training


    I have attended this course is person in 2018 and would recommend this course not only to those who haven’t done it before, but also to those who have. I found it valuable to re-visit Scott and Ben’s journey, and there are sections that have been added that given further context and a deeper understanding of the brothers’ journey. I would recommend this to all working in the care system. As a foster parent I actually feel it would have been invaluable to have had this training in the first 12 months of approval along with other mandatory training as I believe the level of understanding Scott gives the learner will help to stop placements breaking down.

  62. Highly recommend


    This is the second course that I have completed with this organisation, and I wasn’t disappointed. Scott provides a narrative of children living through the care system, based on his own experiences and those of his brother. The information is given in a balanced, non-blaming manner. I believe foster carers and social workers alike, would benefit from attending this and similar courses, that help to understand the real life of Looked After Children which in turn may help to reduce the different traumas that so many experience

  63. Growing up in Care – The Lived Experience


    Growing up in Care – The Lived Experience we thought was a little over priced compared to the others but after completing the course we could completely see how much content and information you had put into it . Everyone considering fostering or indeed within the child care sector should complete this course as standard. Your case highlighted a definite need for a change in the care system – better communication, compassion etc and we commend you for being able to share some of your difficult experiences, whilst balancing with some of the more pleasant times you had growing up.
    If anything – after learning so much from these course – we are more determined to want to make a difference – even if only to one set of siblings. One child suffering neglect or abuse in our opinion is one child too many in this day and age. 🙁

  64. Fascinating but emotional!


    I found the course fascinating though an emotional watch at times. Huge credit to you and Ben for opening up about such personal issues, and allowing others to learn more about the need to listen to and see things from the child’s perspective. Hopefully, the other work you mention you are now involved in also, will help teach, inform and give a better understanding to those in other areas of caring for looked after children and care leavers, as well as foster carers.
    Breaking the cycle is something that is so very important and this course helps gives me, and I’m sure, other foster carers, hope that we can hopefully play a very small part in trying to do so, not only for our children we look after now but for generations to come.
    I am very much looking forward to doing more of your courses in the future . Thank you.

  65. Growing up in Care / A Shared Experience


    This is undoubtedly an amazing course, honest, raw and very emotional. I challenge anyone taking the course not to be moved and sad that this could have happened to these two boys and how they have despite of all the odds grown up to become the strong and brave young men they are today . As a professional be it as a foster carer social worker or teacher this course will make you question your practice Never before have we taken into real question the feelings of the child in deed we are often told not to say “I know how you feel ” because we don’t . However that should not prevent us asking the child how they do feel. The number of unplanned moves was horrendous and lack of preparation for them just unbelievable. This however they accepted and the reasons why and hold no malice . I said this would make us look at our own practice and what stood out for me was the impact of, what is said, just as much as what was done. A kind word one of praise and encouragement goes a long way. One negative remark can stay with you forever. It was encouraging to know that they had enough good experiences to cling onto.
    The presentation of the course was superb from the flash cards to the detailed plans and the cards without the narration when Scott described the abuse he went through was very powerful .
    This course should be offered to all who work with children . An outstanding course which held my attention from start to finish well done.

  66. Extremely powerful!


    This is one of the best courses I have been on. It was incredibly real resulting in such emotional feelings.
    If anything can make me a better mother/foster carer I will take it and this was so powerful.
    Thankyou – hope I can do more of your courses.

  67. Amazing & insightful


    Amazing course, as foster carer’s we never get to see the full story behind a placement referral. This training course gives an honest and accurate reflection from a child in care’s own experiences.
    Thank you for sharing. I found the whole course very powerful and emotional at times.
    This course is an absolute must for any foster carer or those involved with looked after children.

  68. SO beneficial!


    The training couldn’t have been any more beneficial than it has been. I wish this training could be given to all involved with children, especially teachers, in order to give them a better understanding of why children behave as they do.

  69. This course is a must do


    Thank you so much for giving us permission to see your life in all its dimensions. Thank you for giving a voice to the hidden experiences of children in care who haven’t yet discovered the power of their own voice and the uniqueness of their own story and the hope and future that lies ahead. This course enlightens us and gives us a chance to learn from the past to make brighter and happier tomorrows for the children we are caring for. This course is a real must for the absolute beginner to those who have been working in the field for decades.

  70. Fantastic training!


    Highly recommended for all foster carers, to get an insight on how a child feels having foster carers giving up on them.
    It was heartbreaking to listen to Scott and Ben’s experience in foster care which brought tears to my eyes. Every child deserves to be loved and supported. I personally feel this training should be mandatory for all foster carers as part of their induction training, in the hope it stops children being moved from home to home and giving the foster carer a deeper understanding of what damage can be caused.

  71. Really well presented


    It feels strange to grade a course content when it is real life but it was really very well presented and coherently put across information that was honest and emotional. As individuals the brothers are inspiring and deserve their successes through life. As we are awaiting our panel date I have taken this course on my own, not signed up through my work or through our agency, and I am so glad I have done so. I hope that we can be foster carers any children that join our family need and deserve. This course has both opened my eyes and confirmed what I thought I knew about the care system and I hope it has a professional impact within the care system that implements changes.

  72. Natalie Beckett28 August 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Highly recommend!!


    This course has exceeded all my expectations. Scott and Ben’s story is so heartbreaking but through this course it has become so informative. Im new to the whole process but doing this course has certainly made me rethink about which direction I want to go in with fostering and how to better handle situations I may come across. I cannot recommend this course enough!! Thank you Scott and Ben for sharing your story and for enabling us to become better carers.

  73. Growing up in Care course


    The course is incredibly detailed and really allows you to see everything through the eyes of a child in care. It has provided me with plenty to consider and will change the way I respond to and take care of children in our care

  74. A very good & in-depth course


    Having undertaken this course for section 31, i found it to be a very good course, very in-depth but as I’m not a carer as yet i cannot really relate to it but found it heartbreaking to listen to Scott & Ben’s experience of growing up in the care system & from being constantly moved from pillar to post & not being listened to.

  75. Outstanding Content


    I found this course amazing!
    I felt it took me on an emotional journey and made me self reflect on what i do and say and the importance of my role.
    I love the fact that there was a professional insight aswell as Scott and Bens Insight.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the care setting and to anyone who is a prospective foster carer. This has made me want to be the best i can be and be the person that makes a difference in these childrens lives.

  76. A must for foster carers


    This course will benefit anyone who is interested in becoming a foster carer or who is working with children.
    It is very easy to follow and has been put together in such a good way. You will get a honest view of what it was like for Ben and Scott and how the system impacts on them throughout their time in care and after into adulthood.
    You will be able to take onboard what they have been through and use this to inform your practice.
    Through this course I have also had support from Scott, he has gone out his way to provide me with advice. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and has been through which in turn is helping people like me.

  77. Inspirational


    This course should be taken by anyone involved in Children’s care, we all need a greater understanding of how our actions and decisions affect Children..
    Scott and Ben are inspirational, so many failings in their care and yet they haven’t only survived they have thrived, and are looking for ways to try to ensure others do not have to go through what they went through…

  78. Everyone working with children should take this course!


    While travelling through the story of Scott and Ben’s life I felt constantly in awe of how these two brothers have survived and flourished into the men they are today. The bond between them and the love they have for each other has been severely tested but they remain strong and support each other. The experiences they have lived through are delivered in a calm and professional manner but are sometimes difficult to listen to or read about. The choices of music help to draw you into the subject and reflect their feelings at the time.
    It is heartbreaking to realise these two little boys were failed so badly by the system and by people who should have protected them. However, it is also a reflection of their strength of will and their resilience that they are where they are today. The relationships which were important to them in the past, and they have been able to rediscover in recent years have demonstrated that people can make a difference in childrens lives if they are prepared to love and care for them.
    This is a course which everyone who works with children should take. It will make you question and challenge the system and will make you analyse your own practices but this is imperative to protect the child and ensure this type of thing doesn’t keep happening.
    It also gives you hope that with love and support our vulnerable children can achieve and have the stable future they deserve.

  79. Growing up in Care - Lived Experience


    An excellent and powerful course which really highlights the complex journey of a child through the care system and how decisions made by professionals, foster carers and educators can have a profound affect on an individuals life. It gives us a unique insight into the world of traumatised children from their perspective.

    A ‘must have’ course for all foster carers, social workers, educators and decision makers.

  80. What refreshing content !


    A no nonsense, hard hitting account of “what it is like to be “ . Made me reflect on my practice but equally made me realise what I am doing right and what a difference certain reactions can have to situations.
    This is essential. Should be mandatory.
    Positive, negative , good and bad, every current and pre approved foster carer should see this !

  81. 5

    Excellent thought provoking training
    Would definitely recommend for any professionals working with children especially social workers and foster careers

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