The world of fostering can be an absolute minefield for those just starting out - this course has been specifically designed as an introductory course to help you navigate the complex world of fostering. Whether you have just started the process, are thinking about fostering or have recently been approved this course will give you much needed confidence and understanding. This course is filled with information around how the UK care system functions including who everyone is, what they do and where foster carers fit into this. Throughout this course you will learn about why children come into care, including some real life narratives to give you a good idea of what life in care can be like from the child / young person's perspective. You will be provided with downloadable resources to take away and read / refer back to as and when needed. This course would also benefit anyone who finds themselves working with children in care within other roles or who wants to learn more about the care system. NOTE: This does not replace the Skills To Foster pre-approval training, however this course stands to help people feel more comfortable in understanding the world of fostering as they enter it.

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10 August 2021

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Course Curriculum

  • Overview Of Course 00:00:00
  • Why Do Children Come Into Care? 00:00:00
  • Types Of Foster Care 00:00:00
  • Who’s Who? 00:00:00
  • Becoming A Foster Carer 00:00:00
  • Understanding Children In Care 00:00:00
  • Young People Leaving Care 00:00:00
  • Contact With Birth Parents 00:00:00
  • Summary 00:00:00
  • Course Evaluation Unlimited

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18 ratings
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  1. Informative


    A great introduction to the role and some great examples of good practice

  2. An Introduction To Fostering


    A highly recommended course to anyone thinking about fostering, this is designed and delivered by someone who has experienced the system and can talk about it first hand.
    Fostering is a challenging but rewarding role and this course captures many of those areas.

    The downloadable resources are really helpful too!

  3. Rebecca Joyner28 May 2021 at 4:31 pm

    Fab course


    Really informative and enjoyed this course. Have gone on to purchase more.

  4. Andrea Bowers15 May 2021 at 9:51 am

    Very informative


    Excellent course for people thinking of becoming foster parents as answers lots of important questions.

  5. Introduction to fostering


    really enjoyed the course with the background information and the fact that it can be saved for future reference. thank you.

  6. Excellent


    Informative and usable

  7. Julie Chalmers6 March 2021 at 8:44 am

    So informative


    What an insightful step into the daunting world of becoming a foster parent. I found this course answered all of my questions even the questions I hadn’t thought about. An excellent course, a must for the start of a journey.

  8. jenniferjohnstone-edwards24 February 2021 at 12:47 pm

    introduction into fostering


    Fabulous course, I am already a few months into fostering but wanted to do it as our training felt a little rushed in lock down, great explanations and covers everything really well, thank you

  9. Great Course ... !!


    I was really looking forward to doing this course, even though i have four grown up birth children and i work as a mental health support worker with families who are at risk of losing their children into the care system. i knew i would have an understanding of the who’s involved and the meetings etc.
    However it was the other bits of information that was so much more useful, the insights from the children’s perspective, the differences in how foster carers see certain behaviors. A fabulous eye opener into the realities of what to expect when you become foster parents and for us personally this course has only cemented our decision about applying. Thankyou!

  10. Introduction into Fostering


    Very informative and a great course for anyone starting off on their fostering journey

  11. 5

    I came across a link to this short course online. I have been reading posts and blogs about fostering which has already given me such a understanding of fostering. However I was constantly coming across terms, phases, terminology etc that I was unfamiliar with. Now having done this course it’s given me such a good insight to the process of fostering, the people involved and terminology used,that now I can read and
    comprehend what is being discussed. I particularly liked the course as it was thorough yet to the point so gave me the information I needed yet kept my attention through each section. I went through it in one go but I like how you can go in and out if needed.

    Thank you again, very well thought out, hope to check out any others in the future.

  12. Georgina Preston20 November 2020 at 1:25 pm


    This course is a must for anyone thinking about or new to fostering. Not only does it give a thorough and honest walk through of the process of becoming a foster carer and helps to set up understanding and expectations, there are also helpful handouts to download such as a jargon buster. As an experienced foster parent I also found it valuable to revisit and refocus my understanding of children who come in to care as it introduces the language of trauma and how that can present. I wish this had been available when I was new to fostering and I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone thinking about fostering, new to fostering, or anyone within the network of foster parents.

  13. Introduction to Fostering


    An excellent overview of the terminology and processes around becoming a foster parent – this course really helps to demystify the world of fostering, gives a basic introduction to what you can expect and also starts to identify the way that children from trauma need to be parented. Highly recommended if you are considering becoming a foster parent.

  14. Introductory course


    An Introductory to Fostering gave us lots of information that we weren’t aware of (eg who the professionals were and their roles) and the downloads available have been very useful to read through. We are keeping them so that we can refer to them in the future months

  15. 5 star


    The course is really informative and very easy to follow. Has given me a great starting point

  16. Excellent


    An excellent starting point for any prospective carers. Very well written and delivered. Thank you.

  17. Exceptional course


    I have 15 years of experience taking training courses for fostering. I am not easily impressed, reserved with my praise,
    and do not usually complete surveys. Scott and his course was excellent as I was expecting after completing his previous courses, the best I’ve experienced for honesty and I couldn’t imagine him doing a better job of seamlessly walking prospective foster carers through a breadth of information in a remote environment.
    He did a fabulous job pacing everything and addressing questions all prospective foster carers will have. I am impressed by his course …again.”
    He is very experienced in the programs he covers. I have recommended his site to all my fostering friends and my LA.
    The session compels you to question your current approach, the best part was how tailored it was to our particular situation as fostering is a niche area. Scott is a living embodiment of how to do training that matters and stays with you.

  18. A must-do course for prospective foster carers


    This course provides a thorough and considered overview to anyone who is thinking about becoming a foster carer. It explores what the approvals process looks like, what the foster carer is likely to experience and what the fostering system looks like. It reflects on the child’s perspective of foster carers and the fostering system to give a holistic view of the journey ahead. A must-do course for prospective foster carers.

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