We provide an extensive insight into the thoughts of those who have grown up in care and care leavers.

Our founder is an experienced care leaver and we continuously consult with children in care to ensure we are championing their current issues.

We teach people how to feel and empathise, using real stories and real experiences of care.

starting with compassion

Social care staff have been receiving training throughout their career and they are no strangers to the harrowing stories about what children have had to endure.

However, regardless of their knowledge much of their actions remain the same because they do not feel the effects of their daily decisions for the children under their care, with all the good intent people can still without meaning to compound existing traumas.

We can see this because regardless of how the care system has improved over the years, poor decisions are still being made and the care system remains, in the child’s eyes, very much like a conveyer belt.

getting to the heart of the matter

We have a number of workshops which can be delivered individually or collectively as a modular programme.

Training courses use videos and raw experience to aid understanding. Section31Training gains its name from the fact that all instructors have been subjected to lifelong  care orders.

Our training is unique as attendees will directly feel the issue being raised because we teach using emotion as a tool rather than a barrier, targeting the conscience of our audiences.

Our courses touch people’s emotions and impact on people’s consciousness to help them fully understand the effects of their practice.

However, these feelings we induce are positive and are about understanding, we never attack, pass blame or point fingers, we just tell it how it is.

We do have the upmost respect and understanding for the roles of caregivers and we highlight that throughout. This is about moving forwards not dwelling on hurt.

We frequently have carers emailing years on, that they have never forgot what they have learnt, which is what counts.

what you’ll gain

We believe that adults focus too much on actions and not enough on the cause and if we are to provoke change we must have the same respect for those we teach and look at what drives them, their conscience.

We aim to rewire people’s ways of thinking and feeling so that the newly formed conscience can influence better decisions within caregivers and social care professionals.

The Puppet Project (see our background) proved that emotion focused training works and so we will continue to deliver it and we will continue to provoke change and betterment.

Workshops can be booked individually or together as modular programmes.

We can also create tailor made programmes based on our clients learning objectives.

If there is a specific issue that is prominent within your organisation which you feel we can help with we can place a focus on those areas.

no distance is too far

Overall we have had no negative feedback with 97% of people saying the training was “Excellent” and 100% of clients have re-booked.

We have delivered training across the country and completed over 500 sessions in total with local authorities, independent fostering agencies, schools, prisons, virtual schools and the police.

This training is relevant to anybody working directly or indirectly with looked after children.

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We want to stop children being moved from home to home by standing as an advocate for the “naughty kids” and promote a new perspective of care and give a new, deeper level of understanding.

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