Standard 7

Develop yourself.


This standard is to help you make the most of the support and development opportunities that are available to you.

This is important for developing your skills as a foster carer, for your own well-being, and to help you provide the highest standard of care.

You will be encouraged to think about how fostering has affected you and your family, in particular the impact on your own sons and daughters.

You will be expected to show that you know how to access and use information and supervision sessions, and use the support and supervision provided by your fostering service.

You will be expected to show that you are committed to improving your practice as a foster carer through training opportunities and continuing professional development.

You will be encouraged to think about how you can develop your career, either by remaining as a foster carer or through other career opportunities.

Skills to Foster add-on Day

 0£599.00 £399.00

Creative Ways Of Engaging With Young People

 0£599.00 £399.00

Siblings In Care

 0£599.00 £399.00

Self Awareness

 0£599.00 £399.00

A Child's World

 0£599.00 £399.00

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