Standard 5

Understand the development of children and young people.


This standard sets out what you need to know about the development, behaviour and special needs of the children and young people you look after.

You will be expected to show that you understand the stages of normal child development and how children develop attachments, and the impact of interrupted development, loss and separation.

You will be expected to know how to help children develop ‘resilience’ and self-esteem and how to support them through changes in their lives.

You will be expected to know how to help children achieve their full potential and promote their learning and development at different stages of their childhood.

You will be expected to know how to promote positive sexual health and sexual identity.

You will be expected to understand how to support children with disabilities and special educational needs.


We want to stop children being moved from home to home by standing as an advocate for the “naughty kids” and promote a new perspective of care and give a new, deeper level of understanding.

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